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Polyend Tracker: 1.7 Firmware Update

We're announcing the official Polyend Tracker 1.7 firmware update ...Because starting your musical journey is a timeless endeavor.

Audio Improvements: 

  • Improved EQ, Compressor and Limiter in Sample Editor
  • New Audio Saturation modes for extra bite
  • Extra Headroom feature for additional clarity
  • Snap to Zero function for easier sample looping

MIDI Improvements: 

  • Redesigned ‘Clock sync correction’ parameter in MIDI config
  • Improved Internal and MIDI clock stability and minimized jitter

User Interface improvements:

  • New Pattern arrangement Config setting: Vertical revolver
  • Pattern step numbering can be set from 0, 1 or hexidecimal
  • Sample Recorder: The physical Rec button starts/stops the recording
  • Improved project management
  • Song mode: Possibility to select and change Tempo with arrow buttons (in Rec mode)
  • Song mode: Empty Slot and Copy Pattern functions added 
  • Sample Loader: Possibility to select and change the Preview Volume with arrow buttons
  • Changed access to Instrument Synthesizer page: Instrument Parameters > More
  • Updated text instructions in Config > Firmware update page
  • Sample Recorder: The physical Rec button starts/stops the recording
  • Many other subtle visual changes of controls, colors and layout


  • Improved audio signal when using external clock/transport and (re)starting playback quickly
  • Improved audio when using external clock and Random LFOs in Instrument Automation
  • Removed freezing when new config project settings (Snap to zero, Extra headroom)
  • Removed occasional freezing while exporting Song, Song Stems, Pattern Stems
  • New behavior: song will start from the (next) slot that contains the currently loaded pattern. Otherwise a popup “Load pattern from song first” will appear.
  • Sticky Shift button behavior when holding and switching to another page/module

Firmware 1.7 is not the last update for the Tracker so stay tuned for more future upgrades and improvements!

Detailed changelog and the firmware update file are available: here

For users who have Polyend ID and registered their Tracker under My Account 
For non-registered users under the download section

Video & sound by Isobutane