Polyend Tracker: 1.2 Firmware Update

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Polyend Tracker: 1.2 Firmware Update

News | What's up Oct 22, 2020

The Polyend Tracker's long-awaited official 1.2 firmware has just landed!

The long-awaited Polyend Tracker official firmware update is now ready. Download, update your unit and explore the new possibilities. Get on the right track! Find the v1.2.0 firmware file and a detailed changelog here.

v1.2.0 Firmware Release Highlights

Improved Master section:

– two new pages for controlling track volumes and send and dry mix volumes as well,
– send fx can be now configured to be pre-fader or post-fader,
– all volume values are now presented and internally calculated in dB,
– enhanced master limiter with Subtle & Hard sonic settings available,

Rebuild Song mode:

– you can now do new things without stopping the transport: continue a song that was looping on a pattern, and loop a pattern that was currently playing on the song. – on the Pattern editor screen, you can now also start and stop live recording without stopping the transport,
– green mode is now available to make mistakes during live performance less likely. It highlights the currently playing song position, and to change tempo you need to press and hold the Tempo button,

New sound sculpting possibilities:

– a new Overdrive effect is added to track FX and Instrument Parameters,
– a high fidelity modelling version with three flavors is available as an offline sample effect,
– the Sample Editor now features a 3-band EQ,

Better SD card support:

– folders with more than 100 files are now displayed (divided into subfolders),
– WAV samples with unsupported sample rates or bitrates are now automatically converted on load to 44.1kHz 16bit mono PCM samples,
– implemented Media Transfer Protocol support allows you to transfer files to your computer and back using the Tracker’s USB connection,

Performance mode upgrades:

– now it always loops on the current pattern to avoid unpredictable results when tracks are switched,
– the transport bar shows custom Performance Icons to let you know the performance pattern is playing with your chosen effects,
– ten custom pattern play modes added to remix your patterns while playing,
– green mode is now available to make mistakes during live performance less likely,

Candy for vintage tracker fans:

– anti-aliasing can now be disabled to get the razor-sharp tone of classic trackers,
– pattern steps can now be displayed in hexadecimal format starting from 00,

Picture & sound by Pan Ra