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Recue: Fragments Sample Pack

Artists | What's up Apr 18, 2022

"If you are a lucky user of Polyend gear, a version of this sample pack is included with upcoming firmware versions of e.g. the Polyend Tracker including the demo patterns."

“Fragments is a sample pack that provides a fractured peek on the foundations of the Recue sound. It consists of nearly 100 one-shot samples and seamlessly looping textures taken from various released and unreleased Recue tracks. Production methods vary from modular synth tweaks to layering snippets of field recordings, real percussion, and household items with synthetic sounds.”

“All sounds are sorted into categories, some are provided as single shots, some kits which you can chop and crop however you need, and some loop perfectly as is. The main focus is on one-shots and providing something to manipulate further (instead of full construction kits) as I wanted to make a pack I would personally want to use. Feed it to your sonic weapon of choice and see what happens.”


The pack is available on Recue’s Bandcamp channel.

Included in the pack (along with the demo samples above):
95 samples total
16 basses
7 melodic hits & chords
10 kicks
13 snares
38 percs, glitches, and hi-hats
10 textures and ambiances

Recue is the creative outlet and an excuse for Helsinki-based producer Riku Annala to spend time in his studio exploring the left field of electronic music. Something that started, and still is, based on pure interest in sound design and music production has resulted in various releases, remixes, collaborations, commissioned production, and live performances.

Recue’s output ranges from studio experimentations and conceptual soundscapes to more dancefloor-focused sound. This has allowed his music to be featured on labels ranging from multifaceted to genre-focused ones, as a backdrop for TV, theatre, and live venues of all shapes and sizes.

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