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Scene: Code Unknown – Ambient Dust

Scene | What's up Apr 22, 2021

"For me, the Tracker hits a sweet spot of being very intuitive but also having a lot of depth to lose yourself in and really mangle sounds. It’s a versatile instrument and I like thinking of it as a radiophonic workshop in a self-contained groovebox."

“This track started with some plucky sounds in semi-generative sequences, heavily utilizing the chance step fx. The rest of the track grew from there and the randomness was gradually dialed back to provide some loose structure and iron out some of the more incongruous sound clashes. I generally use drums and percussion quite sparsely for these types of tracks and the kick was only added at the end to provide an anchor to the wonkiness of the other elements.”


Find the Code Unknown – Ambient Dust project files here.

“I like the idea of Tracker project files being a source for listening to and sharing music because this track will be different every time it’s played due to the chance step fx. It would be great if all generative music could be released or shared in a similar way – downloading loops and just letting them play out for hours, constantly shifting and evolving.”

Code Unknown

Music producer and DJ for over 20 years under various names and guises. Influences vary from 90’s guitar bands, psychedelia to Detroit electro. More recently the rabbit hole of modular and generative music has had a big impact on Code Unknown’s production and output.

His YouTube channel was started when the potential for listening to and posting experimental and leftfield music was realized. The greater freedom of expression from not having to think about the commerciality of music means these small jams can be easily released into the ether.

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