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Scene: Fog Machinist – Night Breeze

Scene | What's up Sep 02, 2021

"The Tracker is my nostalgic dream that came true."

“There were golden times when all significant music was born – jungle, Aphex Twin, and also demo scene with Scream tracker, and the Impulse tracker. 

I started using Renoise as the ultimate software tracker. In the meantime I was experimenting with esoteric software sequencers: TidalCycles, Foxdot, Orca, and also with some hardware ones like Digitakt and Octatrack. They are all good, but never worked for me end to end. On the other hand, Polyend Tracker worked out perfectly and immediately. Nothing is more inspirational than this one.”


“Ambient jungle/dnb track with chopped break and dubbish melodic chords. Tried to make it as minimal as possible but still somewhat melodic. Arcologies, master of the tracker,  listened to the first versions of it and gave me some useful encouraging advice. I was digging the tracker for the first time while making this track.

Samples are mostly taken from the Jungle Warfare collection.”


Get the project files of the Fog Machinist – Night Breeze here.

Fog Machinist

“Beginning producer/DJ and full-time Software Engineering professional/manager. 

Played drums in rock and metal bands 30 years ago, and then occasionally played with some software tools – Ableton Live, Reason, Pure Data.

Born in Minsk, Belarus, moved to the US six years ago and started gradually and systematically digging into music production and, recently (since the pandemic), DJing. After playing a number of live sets, decided to speed up the production of his own tracks so he can play live sets without copyright issues – and Tracker appeared to be the main tool here.”







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