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Scene: Xenox – Relaxing Moments

Scene | What's up Jan 05, 2021

"I was really happy when Polyend surprised us with the release of the Tracker. I instantly thought that it will be the perfect instrument to be away from daily work in front of the computer. And a good throwback to the roots of tracking!"

“My journey in the music world started back in 1986 when my parents bought me a C64 where I fell in love with that machine and its SID chip. A lot of people thought, the first tracker was made on the Amiga, but that’s not true, the Soundmonitor from Chris Hülsbeck and later the JCH Player from Jens Christian Huus were the first trackers on the computer. I had a lot of fun working with them, it’s so inspiring to work with a tracker.

Once I have received it, I played a lot with it in my spare time to beta test new firmware. The workflow feels excellent, and the big display is a great help too. Update releases are following up regularly. The best thing for me is, that I can have the unique work feeling of a tracker in today’s world! An instrument which can import samples and where I can record my own samples. It has a delay, reverb and other creative effects, wavetable and granular and more. Everything I need!”


Get the project of Xenox – Relaxing Moments here.


“A long time ago I created a know very well known instrument and Sample library called ‘Synth Motions’. I did put a lot of effort by sampling creating completely new sounds with old analog and digital hardware synthesizers, processed through analog hardware. All samples in this small track are part of my sample library in this small demo. All effects like delay or reverb are from the tracker itself. The chords were made on the tracker. I re-recorded and imported the samples again to save voices. The rest is pure fun.”

Frank Neumann (aka Xenox)

In 2001, Frank Neumann (a.k.a. Xenox) and Ingo Nasse (a.k.a. Traumatic), created Particular-Sound and started making sound design for the industry major hardware and software companies. Beside of this, Ingo and Frank are creating sound libraries for their own company and making music together.

More from Frank @ his official website, Instagram & Facebook

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