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Take Powers: The Tracker Project

Artists | What's up Apr 16, 2022

"To my surprise, I was gifted the Amiga-styled Pete Cannon Polyend Tracker Artist Edition groovebox for my 17th Birthday. And I wanted to compose something cool by using just this box."

“I generally tend to find my own samples but I did find Pete Cannon’s sample kit along with the other stock sounds handy. The first track I produced was the “Calm Little Moments” track, using mostly stuff from the pre-loaded SD card and also some of my own samples.

That track didn’t turn up on this EP “The Polyend Project” but you can find it on my Youtube channel. I later started to use the sampling function to sample own material I had gathered over the years. The final result is the below 8-track EP.”

Take Powers

“My name is Kamal, I am 17 and on the Autistic Spectrum, and I’m currently studying media at college. From a very young age, I was always into electronic gadgets and stuff. My first craze was actually non-musical, it was all about handheld retro games like the Gameboy, Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear, and obscure WonderSwan. My dad had loads of drum machines and I first worked out how to program the Roland 606 and then the MPC 1000.”