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David Rothbaum: Single Moog Matriarch Sample

Artists | What's up Sep 24, 2020

This is a single sample of a Moog Matriarch played on the Polyend Tracker using 4 tracks.

“The piece started with a simple sample of the Moog Matriarch playing a C, about 4 seconds long. I trimmed the sample to reflect the same envelope that the Moog had and then, using the Trackers pads, I improvised a chord melody spanning 6 tracks (pretty sure I used the Dorian mode). I then applied the Sample Reverse effect across all of the tracks randomly as well as the Chance effect. Lastly, I added the Roll effect to track 2. Another thing I do is plug the Tracker directly into the Squarp Hermod’s USB Host port on my modular. This provides power for the Tracker as well as sends MIDI either way! I had the Moog hooked up to the Hermod via a MIDI cable and then I improvised a chord part on the Trackers pads but recorded it to Hermod. I then synced the Tracker and Hermod with the Tracker as the master. For the performance, I improvised muting and unmuting tracks on the Master page.”

David Rothbaum is a composer and musician (modular synthesizer, bass, guitar, piano & occasionally clarinets). He lives in Los Angeles and works primarily in film and television. The Polyend Tracker is a recent addition to his wide instrument collection but it seems like they already get along well.

David Rothbaum official.

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