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Scene: Derek Rutkai – Abnormal Lip

Scene | What's up Oct 14, 2021

"Nothing like large smooth pads and tight glitchy percussion. It kinda wakes you up and puts you to sleep at the same time."

“Let’s break down this track. First up, the glitchy percussion. I used 6 fairly average percussion hits with a randomized BP filter and periodic roll in the track effects. I just noticed the new firmware for the Tracker added gate length as a track effect and that would have been the cherry on the top. The pad in this song was fairly straightforward with some reverb and pitch adjustment.

In this track, the performance effects add subtle but essential variations to the song. Step repeat is one of my favs. By setting it to 3 it adds a super dynamic pattern to any even-numbered timing. Other than that I am using an overdrive, bp filter, pitch shift, and gate length reduction throughout the song. By the end, I layer the performance effects on fairly thick so the original tracks are barely recognizable. It is fun to transform full drum tracks into just clicks and pops.

Tip: in the Performance mode, I really like adding overdrive and found that if you have a volume effect set to negative values, you can easily increase overdrive and decrease volume simultaneously to prevent a volume spike.”


Get the Derek Rutkai – Abnormal Lip project files here.

Derek Rutkai

“I am a motion designer and animator working from New Mexico, USA. Music is my other creative passion and has expanded into Eurorack and hardware synth over the past few years. I love using the Polyend Tracker because it connects me with some of my biggest influences in video game music.”

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