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Medusa Synth: 4.0.1 Firmware Update

News | What's up Apr 07, 2021

Medusa Hybrid synthesizer 4.0.1 firmware update is now available.

Polyend is happy to announce a major Medusa v4.0 firmware update release which brings some serious feature updates among the general improvements:

– A new, fourth, play mode. A gritty 6-voice 3-operator digital FM synth engine with a 12-bit colored classic vibe. It supports five digital FM Algorithms and an extra analog voice. Comes with a new FM preset bank. Pairs incredibly well with Tracker!

– Improved Channel per Voice mode where each channel is now truly “per voice”, and not “per oscillator” as previously,

– Added MIDI Program Change for better control of the synth,

– Reworked pitch bend and glide for more musical output,

– Full LFO Synchronization with MIDI Clock with increased stability,

– Added a per-preset option to “Skip muted voices” during voice selection in P1 and P2 mode.

– Other fixes (changelog).


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