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Scene: Tarikh Mizan Brown – Important Honey

Scene | What's up Dec 21, 2021

"For me, Polyend Tracker is a piece of hardware sent from the future to the past and has finally released to the world. I love this thing."

“I want to share it with the world. I started a beat cypher called Kno Fi in Colorado Springs where local artists come and showcase their talent, like the Low-End Theory. Now we are prepping to host our third Anniversary show and it’s only right that I plan to have the Tracker on deck for people to see it in its glory. I like how the Polyend Tracker is a sampler at its core. But has very solid sequencing. It’s also very easy to learn and fun to use. No drum machine has had games like the Tracker. Every update is wild.”

I started out my production journey as an MPC Head. I even started the MPC Heads Facebook group. But, on my sonic journey, I was introduced to software trackers, really because I’m really into video games, and my love for the Polyend Tracker was born. Before I went to the military, I worked as a Production Tester on some of your favorite video games. For me, seeing a tracker in hardware form, it’s low-key beautiful. I’ve come a long way since my first piece of analog gear I have become addicted to vintage drum machines. I used to buy them and sell them to some of your favorite artists.

At my height, I’d flipped at least 40 MPC’s and other rare drum machines because the love of that hustle is real. One of the drum machines I remember the most is the MPC 1000 I sold to the Suuns. They are hella popping now and still use that MPC, to my knowledge. That one is special because that sale started my MPC flipping business and fueled my love of hardware. I also flipped an MPC 2500 SE to my friend from college. He was the one who showed me my first hardware drum machines and taught me DJing. Drasar Monumental in Northern California. Hardware has always been my main way to produce soundscapes for the past 11 years.”


Included is a Beat called Important Honey, yes, I use the auto name. Sometimes they are classic. It’s a hip-hop beat made on the Polyend Tracker. I made this one all in the Tracker, but I also like using the Polyend Tracker to sequence my modular synths. I make hip hop beats on modular too.

Get the project of Tarikh Mizan Brown – Important Honey here.

Tarikh Mizan Brown

Peace Polyend Fam my name is Tarikh Mizan Brown, and I am a Polyend producer. To give a little background about myself I’m a self-taught producer from Los Angeles, a father of four awesome children, husband to an amazing woman, and fellow producer DJ ChloeBeeBlessed, and we are currently based in Colorado Springs, CO. To say I’m just living the dream is an understatement. As a producer and an artist, I’m grateful I have an opportunity to do what I love, make music, every day.


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