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Scene: User Friendly – Holistic Committee

"As a part of the Eurorack community, I am a huge fan of Xor Electronics NerdSeq. So when I heard about the Tracker I knew I would get along great with it."

“The workflow is super fast and is the perfect way to inject a lot of randomness into a project very quickly. The ability to fill rows is extremely creative and gets ideas going fast. My favorite piece of gear to pair the Tracker with is my modified Nord Drum 3p. The Tracker having 6 MIDI CCs for each channel makes for an easy way to get lots of movement into a static drum pattern and is a powerful sequencer for just about any piece of gear. Tracker’s sampling capabilities also make it a great way to layer other sounds with something like the Nord Drum for extra character.”


“In this piece, Holistic Committee (auto named by the Tracker!), I try to combine some samples I’ve made with my modular systems. Some Buchla Easel sounds I designed. And a heavily modulated Nord Drum 3p for a glitchy exciting drum pattern. Something I am likely to do is go through this track and harvest samples from it only to put them back into Tracker for further experimentation and sound design.”

Get the project of User Friendly – Holistic Committee here.

User Friendly

Is an experimental electronic glitch musician based in Baltimore, Maryland.